AVTE Supports Specific Quality Schools and Programs

Based on applications for DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) expansion focused planning grants, AVTE will select specific schools/programs to actively support.

Following our summaries of proposals, help AVTE choose the schools/programs we will work with.


DESE Planning Grant Non-Recipients

Boston Public Schools

  • 2,000 for EBHS to hire a planning consultant that will work on existing fashion design programs.
  • 3,000 will be spent on stipends for staff to work on programs dealing with professional support such as Your Plan For the Future and Competency Tracking.
  • 2,000 for Madison Park to get consultant for programs Girl-in-Trade and supporting “Teacher Leaders”.
  • 1,500 to hire consultant at EBHS to develop mentoring program for teachers.
  • 1,000 for instructional materials (did not specify)
  • 200 for Madison Park student workbooks for career awareness.
  • 200 for EBHS requesting aviation industry career books.
  • 200 for BAA fashion industry books as well. (Total is 10,100)

Bristol Plymouth

  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Seeking a project coordinator.
  • Funds will support the creation of new plumbing program (24 students).


  • Amount requested is 10,000 on stipends for administrators, teachers, professional development, and indirect costs.
  • Program is called Youth Career Connects which will concentrate on career guidance.  
  • Wants to create 90 new seats per academic year (360 total over for full implementation)


  • Implement a program that will will have components in greenhouse and garden skills that are industry recognized.
  • Requesting 9,800.
  • Strengthen advisory boards and collaborate with partners in order to increase available seats by 45%.


  • Requesting 9,800 for programs including Child Development, Video Production, and Environmental Science
  • Anticipated partners for above programs include Fitchburg Access Television, Mount Wachusett Community College, and Fitchburg State University.

Gr. Fall River

  • Amount requested is 9,982.
  • Prepare students for entry-level programming and web development positions after graduation.
  • Initiative is called Programming & Web Development Academic / Technical Hybrid Program.


  • Requesting 4,550.
  • Name of project is called the Health and Human Services School to Career Pathway.
  • Build upon skills that transfer to the health sector.
  • Improve mentoring, tutoring, advisory boards, budgeting, and increase faculty communication between high school and Northern Essex Community College.


  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Work on programs in computer programming, media technology, advanced manufacturing, design and visual communications, and information technology.


  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Expand the Monty Tech Veterinary Science Training Program which is currently in the development stage.
  • Specializes in animal science and wants to increase the scope of programs so students can be ahead in this field.

Nashoba Valley

  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • First Logo and Girl Lab! programs are the focus.
  • Prepares students for competency in robotics, biotechnology, engineering, and other potential science pathways.

New Bedford

  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Strengthen local and regional partners in order to improve existing programs in finance, information technology, and health sciences.

Norfolk County

  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Synergy Garden is a joint program that deals with plant science, environmental science, physics, and agricultural science.
  • Highlights that this industry is in need and wants to build on existing and future programs to strengthen educational resources.


  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Initiative is called E2E—Education to Employment.
  • E2E meant to help programs in advanced manufacturing, computer assisted drafting, culinary arts, health occupations, and hospitality.

Worcester County

  • Amount requested was 5,575.
  • Pathways on the Hill: An Alternative Route to Career & College Readiness is name of initiative.
  • Targets at risk students. 


  • Amount requested is 10,000.
  • Create programs that target at risk students and steer them toward industry ready jobs in the labor market, culinary arts, or building and property maintenance.


  • Amount requested is 8,253.
  • Career and Technical Education Discovery Program for 7th grade students.
  • Goal is to create an additional 150-200 seats.


  • Amount requested was 10,000
  • Wants to create two new programs related to Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice.


DESE Planning Grant Recipients

Bunker Hill Community College (Received 10,000)

  • C-Town Business Program: Accountants, auditors, financial/management/Marketing analysis, and market research.
  • Money is going toward consultants, textbooks, printing capabilities, and other supplies/materials.

Essex North Shore Technical High School (Received 10,000)

  • Utilize existing relationships with partners like The Central Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board and Metro North Regional Employment Board.
  • Expand its half-day to serve students from non-vocational schools.

Greater Lawrence Technical High School (Received 10,000)

  • Main objectives are to increase student enrollment.
  • Expand career technical education programs.
  • 3,600 goes to representatives, 2,400 on STEM innovation consortium, 4,000 for Development planning work.

Greater Lowell Technical High School (Received 7,500)

  • The Greater Lowell Technical Student Success Partnership program.
  • All 7,500 is going toward consultants.

Holyoke Community College (Received 10,000)

  • Instructors, faculty stipends, supplies, and transportation = 10,000.
  • The Holyoke Career Technical Education Partnership will work to increase access to CTE within the fields of manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, and culinary arts.

Lynn Public High Schools (Received 6,000)

  • Health Careers Pathway Project concentrates on helping Adult English Language Learners (ELLs).
  • Administrators, director, and project coordinator take up 4,000.
  • English language instructor: 2,000

Massasoit Community College (Received 8,930)

  • Veterinary Technology Partnership Program.
  • Curriculum Alignment Group , Dual Enrollment Group, IACUC protocol writing, IACUC training adds to 7,300.
  • Materials and supplies take up the rest.

Minuteman Regional Technical High School (Received 10,000)

  • Program is called Expanding Access to High Quality Career and Technical Education in the Metrowest Region of Massachusetts.
  • 7,500 to director and project coordinator.

Mohawk Trail Regional Technical High School (Received 6,010)

  • 1,200 for project coordinator.
  • 2,910 for consultants.
  • Rest goes toward supplies and materials.
  • Mohawk Trail’s Pathway to Sustainable Farming looks to give an experiential learning experience to the classroom in order to provide a hands on approach. 

Quincy Public Schools (Received 8,800)

  • 8,800 goes to facilitator if the program.
  • Ladders 2 Success is a program designed to increase access to CTE for students considered under-served and ELL.
  • 15 career pathways to choose from.  

Upper Cape Cod Technical School District (Received 9,960)

  • Collaborative Access Project for Expanding Career Opportunity Development (CAPECOD): Cleaners, builders, real-estate, property, painters, maintenance.
  • 4,000 to planning consultant
  • 2,000 for two implementation consultants
  • 3,960 for teachers and guidance counselors

Worcester Public Schools (Received 10,000)

  • 8,520 will go toward a director and project coordinator.
  • 1,280 goes toward secretary, aides, and book keeper.
  • WIN-WIN (What I Need/What Industry Needs) is a collaborative effort between the Worcester Public Schools, workforce investment system, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce and local manufacturers.


Note: Either DESE planning grant recipients or non-recipients will be considered. AVTE is ready and willing to support any program that shows potential to expand access to technical education.