New Coalition Formed to support Career and Vocational Technical Education in MA

We’ve united to address the mutual problems of 3,197 student in Massachusetts on waiting lists (71% of these are in Gateway Cities) ¬†NOT having access to vocational public high schools due to lack of physical seat capacity AND employers now and anticipated in the future having serious vacancies for skilled workers.

The Alliance for Vocational Technical Education (AVTE) was formed by business, community, and educators to address this problem and has already engaged support from the Baker Administration and some legislators towards concrete ways to address this problem.

3 Key things that will happen at the Forum on January 22:

  1. You will get a copy and explanation of a report done by Northeastern on results of surveys of 5000 businesses, students, superintendents, alumni, community groups on the value of vocational technical education and any areas needing improvement.
  2. You will get a copy of Policy and Budget Recommendations developed by the Alliance For Vocational Technical Education for a year 1 and year 2 steps to greatly address this problem of increasing access to students that also helps employers. These recommendations will be explained and there will be time for questions.
  3. You will hear from  Governor Baker and the Workforce Skills Cabinet on what they will do to address the problem.

Read The Critical Importance of Vocational Education in the Commonwealth report HERE

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